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Hope you can understand my question, I’m starting a small hosting business, as you may know, everyone is familiar with Cpanel but I don’t want to use it as I think Webmin/Virtualmin is way better.

What I want to do is create an account plan that match the privileges that Cpanel users have for virtualservers, Create modify databases ETC, I want it to be as similar to Cpanel as possible.

Do you guys have a list of features that I should be adding to that account plan to be the closest to Cpanel possible?


Helo @linuxtavarez and welcome to the community.

Virtualmin offers a flexible way to configure user accounts via Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Account Plans.

Yes, I know how to create a plan, my question is, which features should I add to it to match a Cpanel account.

I don’t know how to answer that question as it is not a priority for me to give my users a 1:1 match for cPanel. Here is some info that you could use:

  • Quota for entire server = total disk space for the plan
  • Limit on number of users = total number of email accounts to be offered +1 for this plan
  • Limit on number of aliases = email aliases
  • Limit on number of virtual servers = number of domains to be offered for this plan *if this is set to 1 then user will not be able to create any virtual servers / sub-servers on his own
  • Limit on number of alias servers = number of domain aliases (of the main domain)
  • Limit on number of virtual servers = total number of domains to be offered +1 for this plan
  • Limit on number of non-alias servers = number of sub-servers (domains) offered for this plan

CPanel also has flexibility on how account plans are configured. Just set things how you see fit.

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