Find the trash folder?

Please where can I find the trash folder? I deleted the syslog file by mistake…

In your filesystem. Joking apart, what OS are you using?! Ubuntu Server sports the file here: ~/.local/share/Trash/

ubuntu 22.04

root@panel:~# ~/.local/share/Trash/
-bash: /root/.local/share/Trash/: No such file or directory

Hmmm, try find / -type d -iname Trash. If you deleted a file from another device, look into the [DEVICE_MOUNTPOINT]/Trash-[UID_HERE] directory.

Does trash actually exist on ubuntu server ? I would think this is down to the desktop version, i may be wrong though, your much more clever than I

look in /home/your domain/homes/your user/Maildir/.trash

replacing the obvious your domain with the appropriate domain name and your user with the name of the user

you can of course find it using Usermin (but it will be empty if you deleted it)

as for the deleted syslog file that is a different question (and for that I refer you to your backup/recovery policy)

The op is not looking for the mail trash bin but instead is looking for the system trash bin which doesn’t exist unless you have a gui installed

When I delete a system file like syslog, doesn’t it go to the trash? Can’t I restore it later?

If this is a server edition of an OS (you have not stated which OS you have) the root directory of a drive will look like this

notice .trash-1000 folder that is the trash can for the user with the id 1000
the following link is from redhat’s web site,folder%20as%20a%20staging%20area. but could be adapted to other distros

Well, there wasn’t much (ANY) information to go on!

So not really an appropriate topic/question for this forum - but my point about backups/recovery plan applies to every system (not just Webmin/Virtualmin)

I have written that the server runs ubuntu 22.04. I should probably ask a question on the ubuntu forum…

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Ηello. I have activated the trash can but I don’t see it anywhere. Where exactly are you located?

I just turned on I see this, a dropdown also to the right of the delete icon

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I’m on my own server, why can’t I see the trash folder on the left???

try deleting something unimportant and see if the .trash is created.
it is just a log file, it should be recreated I would think.

I did it but I don’t see the trash folder!


If you are running Ubuntu server then I am pretty sure it does not have a trash feature, it is a server OS not a desktop OS.

The desktop version definitely has a trash feature and I am sure the Server OS could if you installed it, but by default it does not.

You can see my Ubuntu server above.

Whatever you have deleted has gone (in my opinion), bear in mind I am not a Linux expert but I know how to use Google :smile:

This is a feature of the file manager module. If you enable it deleted files are moved to ~/.Trash

however the OP may not have switched on the option to show hidden files (. files) hence he cannot see it. What is disappointing is there does not appear to be any way to restore the file right clicking the file in trash shows this

no obvious method of restoring the file, I thought that was the idea of trash ??

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Can you tell me what I have to do to see the hidden files?