Feature request for virtuallmin dns

a client of mine has requested that adding dns records for things like office365 and google workspace have an automated option to make it a one click addition to dns for virtual servers. Any thoughts on this addition?

its possible the recommended DNS entries will change in the future – making it hard for Virtualmin to stay current. I want to say that Google did change their suggested entries a bit at least once in the last 5-10 years :slight_smile:

So what your saying is there is an opportunity for SAAS in the area of maintaining current DNS records of popular services to make this easier for companies like virtualmin … Hrmmm interesting prospect.

they do not change often and i have yet to see MS or google deprecate their gen 1 entries. places like godaddy and namecheap offer this 1 click ability in their dns management. I know it’s a small team…if it doesn’t happen…no biggies…i have a cpy of hte entries in a text file and i use the edit function in accounts after creation by pasting hte stuff in. However a couple of cliens who are not under my management have inquired…i told them do no count on it…but that i would make he request…:slight_smile:

You can create something in templates, just a thought.

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