Feature-dns.pl fails to create zone file for Alias server

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version Version 7.7
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Unlike Virtualmin version 7.1, version 7.7 fails to create the zone file when the virtual server type is Alias. This causes /etc/bind/named.conf.local to reference a non-existent file, which causes bind9 to issue the following errors in its log:

zone test.staging.xyz.com/IN: loading from master file /var/lib/bind/test.staging.xyz.com.hosts failed: file not found
zone test.staging.xyz.com/IN: not loaded due to errors.

By contrast, the zone file was created successfully for the parent domain test.example.com and for a Sub-Server test.staging.xyz.com . (Note that domain names have been changed for privacy reasons but reflect the fact that the domain name of the Alias server bears no relation to the domain name of its parent.)

I am using package ‘webmin-virtual-server’ from http://software.virtualmin.com/vm/7/gpl/apt

Here is the Virtualmin console output from creating the Alias server:

 Hook script running for test.staging.xyz.com
 Adding new DNS zone ..
 .. done
 Updating target virtual website ..
 .. done
 Performing other Apache configuration ..
 .. done
 Saving server details ..
 .. done
 Re-starting DNS server ..
 .. done
 Applying web server configuration ..
 .. done
 Re-loading Webmin ..
 .. done
Hook script running for test.staging.xyz.com

Are you running BIND in a chroot directory? You can see this at Webmin → Servers → BIND DNS Server, at the top of the page.

In Configuration For module BIND DNS Server, Chroot directory to run BIND under is set to None. So I presume not.

Hmm … I cannot re-produce this in tests, and we have an automated test to cover this case.

Can you post the output you get from Virtualmin when you create a new alias domain?

The output is pasted at the bottom of the post.

Is there some way I could provide extra debugging information that might highlight how feature-dns.pl is behaving differently on our system compared to your test environment?

@unixnut - that server was not set up by you - clearly - reset the server by reinstall & close this topic.

@unborn Please mind your own business. Your reply was unhelpful and any further comments from you will be ignored.

I downgraded the ‘webmin-virtual-server’ package to version 7.5.gpl-1 and this fixed the problem. I used this command: sudo apt install webmin-virtual-server=7.5.gpl-1

Can you please let us know when there will be an fix for v7.7?

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