"create Virtual Server" creates an empty Master Zone. (Ubuntu)

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
Related packages BIND 9.16.1-Ubuntu

I’m using nginx with apache2 stopped.
I use chroot for bind9.


The following two errors occurred when executing “create Virtual Server” of virtualmin.

Adding new DNS zone ..
.. DNS domain failed! : bind8::flush_file_lines failed : Failed to open /var/bind9/chroot/tmp/.webmin/817062_706497_1_domain_setup.cgi for writing : No such file or directory

Performing other Apache configurations..
.. configuration failed : Failed to open /var/bind9/chroot/tmp/.webmin/817062_706497_1_domain_setup.cgi for writing : No such file or directory

There were no records in the ‘Edit Master Zone’ for ‘example.com’.

without creating example.com.hosts
example.com.hosts.lock was created.

I ran the command below.

cd /var/bind9/chroot
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
mkdir .webmin

Retrying ‘create Virtual Server’ gave no errors, but ‘Edit Master Zone’ for ‘example.com’ did not have any records.

“760423_725809_1_domain_setup.cgi” was created in “/var/bind9/chroot/tmp/.webmin”.

In “760423_725809_1_domain_setup.cgi” was written what should be written in “example.com.hosts”.

The last time I added a domain was in February. There were no problems at that time. I have been using Virtualmin for over 10 years and this is the first time I have encountered such an error. what should i fix?

(using Google translation)

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I also installed Virtualmin on Ubuntu 22.04 with the same result.

So when I downgraded with reference to the post below, the domain was successfully added and the zone record was created as well.

I have noticed something comparing ver 7.5-1 and ver 7.7.

Ver 7.7 “Create Virtual Server” does not have “Create server administrator” and “Create home directory” check boxes.

“Features and Plugins” settings are the same.

I would like to downgrade Virtualmin on all servers I own if there are no problems. Will downgrading the servers on which I am publishing websites cause any problems?

I would like to execute the following command.

apt install webmin-virtual-server=7.5.gpl-1
apt-mark hold webmin-virtual-server

Will this issue be fixed in the next version?

(I use Google Translate. Please forgive me if the text is not correct.)

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