Failed backup of Virtualmin on end - failed to list directory via SSH

Backup is successfully performed to the destination server

However it fails in the end. failed to list directory via SSH

Can anyone help?

e-mail log

3 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.

Deleting backups from /home/vm-backup/XXXX/%y/%m/%d on SSH server older than 3 days ..
    .. failed to list directory via SSH : vm-backup@'s password: 
ls: cannot access '/home/vm-backup/XXXX/%y/%m': No such file or directory


maybe backup finishes on the next day?
just sayin, no clue really, but you should check the folders by hand

I checked the folders and there is no problem:

-The folders are correct and in the structure%y /%m /%d
-The permissions are also correct
-The webmin and virtualmin are updated to the latest version ~

Any idea?

Based on the screenshot it looks like an out-dated version of Virtualmin. The latest is 6.12, which one are you running @joa.gol.porto2020 there?

Good Morning @llia,
I had this version but I already updated it and the error persists. My current versions are:

Versão Webmin 1.955
Versão Virtualmin 6.12

Any idea?

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