Existing Domains/Websites went missing in Virtualmin

OS type and version Ubuntu Server 18.04.06
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

For some reason my Domains / Websites are no longer showing up in Virtualmin after doing an update.

How do I get them back into Virtualmin?

Running in a QEMU/KVM VM. The host machine is running Ubuntu Server 20.04.

I am running Apache with around 5 domains. Mail Server on a different VM. DNS is running on another box.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

What do you mean “not showing up”?

Are the virtual servers themselves gone? Are the files gone? Are they accessible over the internet but not from your control panel?

Are you using a custom theme? If so set it back to the default theme.

They are no longer showing up in the list of virtual servers or in the POP-UP BUTTON near the top left of the Virtualmin web interface

Furthermore more Virtualmin is indicating that there are no virtual servers set up

The websites are accessible and their associated HTML files and folders are still in tact.

The only thing that seems to be left in Virtualmin regarding the Virtual Servers I had setup are the scheduled backup routines of the Virtual Servers.

Virtualmin is set to use the stock theme.

Other than doing apt-get update & upgrade I have not added or changed anything with virtualmin since setting it up in 2020.

Clear web cache, check webmin logs for any errors?
There are command line to check config.
That may display any errors.
Maybe backup your virtualmin first, hopefully your on a VPS where you can do a snapshot.


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