Error Migrating cPanel -> Virtualmin

Ubuntu 20.04:

this week I already migrated 3 accounts (WP sites + DB + Emails) from cPanel to Virtualmin using the Add Server option, I only change U + P there, all goes fine but the process crash every single time when trying to import MySQL DB with this message:

Failed to migrate virtual server : SQL grant all on xxxxx\_wp123.* to ‘xxxxx_wp123’@‘localhost’ with grant option failed : You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT

Any idea why? after that error I need to fix manually that problem and the email config.

I got rich pickings by using the search facility of the forum. It works just like another that you might have heard of, called Google. :wink:

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If I had been given $ 0.01 for every smart answer I have received right now I would be a billionaire …
Let’s see, I’ve been using Google since its invention … and yes, I did some research before coming here and creating a new thread.

Having said that:

  1. It is said that the problem is MySQL 8, if so, why doesn’t the documentation mention it? (Virtualmin for cPanel Users | Virtualmin) as it implies that the process should run without problems.
  2. I myself have had to make manual corrections for the migration to work as recommended in many posts.
  3. Many of the links mentioned or that I found had neither my OS version nor were they similar to my case: cPanel-> VM, but different script-> VM, VM-> VM, DB-> DB

So at this moment I have to conclude that a cPanel → VM migration is not automatic and that it requires prior preparation.

Likewise, there is another error with the migration of the email accounts, it does not migrate the passwords, nor does it connect the accounts with the corresponding mailboxes, but that would be the subject of another post. :sunglasses:


And you would be wrong. I’ve done it several times and it’s automatic.

If you had actually used Google, you would have found this link.

That link tells you to use the MIGRATE option and to make a full CPanel backup from Cpanel.

Then you simply download that backup, go to Virtualmin, and MIGRATE that server over, not import it.

Here it is:

You fill out the information and select the Cpanel option and link it to the backup you downloaded.

It’s just that easy.

Well, then again maybe it isn’t. :roll_eyes:

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Did you read my answer?? You use the same link like me :rofl:, and YES the way you mention is like Im doing the migration from cPanel to VM and yes its not automatic because the error I already reported here.

Do you want another error?? if I dont replace Username for domain + password for administrator I can get another error… only in simple sites with no DB the migration option runs fine… Im migrating in total more than 50+ accounts from cPanel, so its not that easy…

I’ve done it 4 times and never had an error. The way you keep saying

There are no corrections to make. You hit migrate, choose CPanel, select the path to your downloaded Cpanel backup and that’s that.

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I really haven’t had any serious problems moving sites from cPanel to Virtualmin. I had one minor one due to the way cPanel divides Awstats records into SSL and non-SSL, which really only mattered for historical reasons; but it was pretty easy to fix. Not that I remember how, mind you, but I did it somehow or another. Those were live migrations, some database driven, others not.

All of the cPanel sites I’ve tried migrating on my testing server have also been automatic, with the only exception being that the mail filters seem to disappear. That’s actually one of the things I’m trying to figure out how to convert and migrate. As with most things, cPanel has their own way of doing things rather than using a stock Procmail or Sieve method.

I can re-create the filters easily enough, I suppose. It probably would take less time than writing a script to do it.

I’ve had no problems migrating database-driven cPanel sites. I did have a problem restoring a database-driven Virtualmin site, but then I tried again a few days later and it worked. Maybe some update fixed it.

I’m actually thinking about spinning up a server and installing Virtualmin Pro on it, then migrating the cPanel clients a few at a time without telling them. If I tell them, they’ll bitch and moan. If I don’t tell them, most of them probably won’t even notice. Almost none of them ever actually log in to cPanel. A few of them do, but most of them just bother me to do the stuff they should be doing.

I also have another client who’s on his own cPanel server, which needs both the OS upgrade and a storage upgrade (unless we farm out the mail). He’s been a client for… I’d say 15 years off the top of my head, and he doesn’t even know the cPanel password. (I changed it about seven years ago.) So he shouldn’t be a problem.

One thing I want to try is creating a cPanel backup as root, and seeing if it will migrate into Virtualmin using the root password. That would simplify things.


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I had the same issue migrating from CentOS server with CPanel.
See my thread about it for my solution. The database is created but the database username and database name are different you just need to plug them into the wp_config file after creating them in Virtualmin

Hi @mattvanderhoff
thanks for answer me and Yes!! I need to fix manually the connections scripts for all the websites (like you did)… my problem was: I had more than 50 websites to migrate and I need to fix it MANUALLY for 45 sites…

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Wow! Luckily my migration was only 30 websites but yes it was still a task to do. What I did after realizing what I had to do was have the updated wp-config.php files as well as some htaccess files pre-configured. After the migration i just uploaded them and that solved the issue.

Glad you were able to get them fixed but it is quite a task

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