When importing from CPANEL -- Failed to migrate virtual server

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|Description:|Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS|

When Importing from my current VPS hosting CPANEL account, I am getting this error:

Failed to migrate virtual server : SQL grant all on pp\_wp.* to ‘pp_wp’@‘localhost’ with grant option failed : You are not allowed to create a user with GRANT

The account has email and a Wordpress site.

Helo @Fotofobia and welcome to the community.

Starting with MySQL 8 you no longer can (implicitly) create a user using the GRANT command.

@Fotofobia, you have chosen Ubuntu 20.04 LTS upon which to install Virtualmin and you have MySQL 8. It also includes PHP 7.4, and I guess these are newer versions compared to what you had running on cPanel, hence the errors related to compatibility. Had you chosen an OS and version which matched with the OS and version of MySQL and PHP which ran on your cPanel system then you might not have had to deal with errors such as these.

The easiest migration path for you would be to install Virtualmin on a system which is identical to the one you are migrating cPanel from, else you will have to understand and solve compatibility issues which may crop up at the time of migration or further down the line.

I am not saying it can’t be done or that a future version of Virtualmin might not handle this gracefully but at present you had better use an identical system for migration.

@calport thanks for your welcome message and quick reply.

I understand what you’re saying, unfortunately, my current VPS is CENTOS 6 and the MySQL version is 5.7 – I’m unable to upgrade it.

However, I’m not really concerned about the WordPress installation because that can easily be copied using plugins, I’m more worried about the emails, so I guess I will just import the account and then delete the website, apply the WP install script and then import the site manually.


That should work. All the best with the migration.

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