Error installing booked

OS type and version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED

Downloading (141 bytes) …6.17-3 Pro
Received 1 MiB
Received 2 MiB
Received 3 MiB
Received 4 MiB
Received 5 MiB
Received 6 MiB
Received 7 MiB
… download complete.

Configuring webserver PHP settings …
… done

Applying web server configuration …
… done

Now installing Booked version …

Failed to run database setup script /home/choked/public_html/phpscheduleit/database_schema/create-data.sql : ERROR 1136 (21S01) at line 7 in file: '/home/choked/public_html/phpscheduleit/database_schema/create-data.sql': Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 .

More information on using this script can be found at

… installation was only partially complete.

Re-loading Webmin …
… done

Applying web server configuration …
… done

checking line 7 in the sql file shows no obvious anomaly, looks just like other preceding lines.

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this is useless, I’m not having a problem reading guidelines but installing booked

What is your operating system and version?

There is a bug in Booked distributed database schemas, which is MySQL only (not MariaDB) related.

I have fixed this issue and the updated version of Booked install script will be available within 24 hours.

As you are a Pro user, I will PM you fixed version of the script right now.

thanks very much!


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