Email can send but can't be received need help if possible

OS type and version Debian Buster
Webmin version 7.3-1
Virtualmin version 1.860
Related packages Postfix Dovecot Roundcube

Okay oddly my ISP removed the allowance for me to use their SMTP server for sending mail from my domain via port 25 verified by calling them.

Tried many things to get it working. Days of pissing around trying to get it to send my mail to no avail none worked until oddly last night.

I have been using sendinblue their documentation suggests you use port 465 then their tech told me to use 587 instead and viola it worked even though I swear I tried that before.

I thought great awesome finally what a relief right! WRONG!!!

Now I find out I do not receive mail from anyone.

I spent a whole day pouring over things trying to figure out where things are or may have went wrong such as a setting or something while attempting a fix.

Then I realized mail never really worked to begin with I had to use a relay to start with being my ISP’s SMTP which I accidently found that seemed to work.

So out of curiosity I logged into my .tech panel where I registered by .tech TLD and I notice they have their own mail which I was unaware of. They have cname records setup for all of my mail all pointing to their mail.

Is this typical and normal?
If I remove or modify these settings will it affect delivery?

To me it seems as if they should all be removed as I have zero association with them on my server.
But on the flip side maybe by default you are required to use the information provided with your domain it just seems silly why would I be required to use the domain name settings if they are so limiting and limited to 100MB email account? To me it would seem as if I would have to remove all of their records for mail they have preconfigured so I can use my OWN mail server being postfix dovecot and roundcube wouldn’t this be correct?

Aside from this I cannot understand what would prohibit me from receiving mail as I had no problem before receiving mail using my ISP’s relay so why would I have trouble now receiving mail using the relay from sendinblue?

It is very odd the email system is highly unintuitive in design with virtualmin to be honest I think cpanel does a much better job I hope in the future we can simplify things email related via modules or some method to improve upon it. There are settings in the Webmin/Usermin/Postfix/Dovecot/Readmail/Procmail areas that all are critical to the working of email I presume the services as well as other things just too many elements to consider at once way too easy to assume things are fine.

Any suggestions direction on how to fix it please contribute to this it has been far far too long to not have email not functional I would have hired someone to do it but unfortunately I have a lack of trust with allowing people on to my PC to provide assistance remotely due to bad previous experience with stolen credit card numbers etc…

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You cannot operate a mail server if you don’t have port 25.

You can’t tell the world to use other ports. Every other mail server in the world expects to connect to your server on port 25.

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