Does virtualmin support Ubuntu 22.04 and rhel 9?

Does Virtualmin support Ubuntu 22.04 and rhel 9?,

The “beta” installer should support Ubuntu 22.04, not sure about RHEL 9 however.

if i install beta version. In future do it will upgrade beta to stable version after update?

See the official docs:,

Yes, the installer is in beta but pretty much complete. Once installed supported distros are managed by their respective repo.


@calport I am searching for beta for RHEL9.

@tpnsolutions ,

Thanks for guiding me.There is beta for RHEL9?,

I don’t think so yet.

Yes, I added support for Alma 9. I assume RHEL 9 must work too. Give it a try with the latest development version of the install script and let us know if that works for you. If not, share virtualmin-install.log file so I could see the problem and fix it.

Hi @Ilia

Where i get virtualmin for ubuntu 22.04? stable or beta both are ok.

Virtualmin 7 beta script.


Did this installer work?

Yes, it must work for Ubuntu 22.04 and RHEL 9. Did it fail for you?

in rhel9 but not ubuntu

I just finished installing RC11 version of the VM 7 Beta in RedHat Enterprise Linux 9. I edited the install file to add my key/license info. It installed well. One thing I found was I had to enable the root account in order to log into Virtualmin/Webmin web admin.

But the VirtualMin configuration check fails at AWSTATS.

You’ll just need to disable the awstats feature in Features and Plugins. I thought we automatically handled missing awstats, but I haven’t tested on RHEL 9.

This will be disabled automatically, if awstats command is not available, after we update Virtualmin config package.

awstats feature issue also in ubuntu 22.04