Does anyone have cloudmin working bare metal? If so what OS? What VM interface? What Images?

I have been on one heck of a mission to get cloudmin up and running kind of curious what you all are doing to get it to work.

I installed Debian 12
Installed Cloudmin
Installed Bullseye image using KVM. But Virtualmin interface is not coming up… Says SSH login failed.

Now what I had hoped to do was run cloudmin.
Emulate a system image of Debian 12 I could connect to.
Install Virtualmin on that system and then use that as a webhost system for my personal website.
Emulate another system image of Debian 12
Use that as a separate system to host some wordpress websites for other folks.

This way I could add some separation between my personal and public without having two servers setup the object was basically a methodology to save on electricity overhead and equipment while making it easier to do backups of the systems as well in the event I had to restore them.

I am kinda ignorant in knowing the best ways to accomplish this short of cloudmin or something like proxmox for instance maybe docker would be a better option I really am unsure.

Anyways any feedback would be appreciated. Been a bit of a key smasher trying to achieve my end goal. Not to mention my business website has been down for a week which isn’t good either. But ahhh well what do you do I’m sure customers are chomping at the bit like where is his website I need to fill out that contact form heh. Plus the other half who has been insanely patient with me during this time is wanting me to do more remodeling on the house with all the half done stuff around the house gotta get some more in fully done condition and better insulating for the winter as well.

It would be great if there were video documentation or at least photo documentation showing the process of going from A to B in simple ELI5 type documentation. With photos being worth a thousand words as they say videos are worth 20-60 photos per second on average so yeah thats a heck of a lot of information. Most good documentation includes the this is how you go from A to B video documentation. The documentation for cloudmin isn’t quite as polished as say webmin where you can go to the webmin website and see all these photos and elaborate explanation and work etc… Its a work in progress I get it these guys do a lot for folks so its much appreciated. But maybe the community could help by posting some videos of setting their machines up it would be helpful. There is like nothing on youtube for cloudmin when you search it maybe its improper tags or other things but just been my experience.

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