Docker/Podman Monitor

Not that I know of my docker ever stopping, but is it a service that should be monitored?

Does Webmin even allow you add a monitor for other services such as you mentioned?

I am looking at the drop down in System and Server Status and I don’t even see were we can add Docker.

That’s the purpose of the post.

Yes it does any service that is started via systemctl and has a .service file can be monitored use boot up action


Awesome! Thanks for tip! I see them all on list in Action to Check…

sysctl and systemctl are two separate, unrelated, things. You mean systemctl, which is the systemd service management utility. sysctl is for kernel parameters and predates systemd by many years.

typo … sorry

I have this under Bootup and shutdown:

These are my options:

It doesn’t show here:

What step am I missing?

Select bootup action, in the monitor setup page click add then simply click the sevice you want to manage from the dropdown of services and change the description from bootup action then click save. If you don’t change the description the monitor will be called bootup action

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From the drop down menu beside “Add Monitor of Type”, just in case some other illiterate such as myself doesn’t see that as obvious. :wink:

So “bootup action” is all of the stuff you would control that has a “.service” file. Such as :
service docker status
for those of us that are systemctl Luddites.

Added to clairify just in case a fellow ‘Lud’ happens by the thread.

Now, closely related enough to ask here if there is a way to add that to the dashboard list of servers?

You need to set webmin->tools->system and server status->scheduled monitoring like this (notice the arrow) to yes

then go to webmin->webmin configuration->Background Status Collection and toggle the arrowed section of then back to on and save (set it to 5 mins if it’s blank when you toggle it back on) the setting

EDIT: Just tried another browser and it opened the page. Dooh… :frowning:

OK. Now I know why I couldn’t find that again. I saw it in the docs. Which is the only place I can see it since I’m one of those that has reported clicking on the schedule monitoring thing and just seeing the system hang.

Last thing in the webmin error log is from April. :frowning:
From miniserv.log - hermit [07/Jun/2024:16:40:31 -0400] "POST /status/edit_sched.cgi HTTP/1.1" 200 16228 - hermit [07/Jun/2024:16:40:31 -0400] "GET /index.cgi/?xhr-error=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 0

I see this from days ago now but nothing new:

timeout at /usr/share/webmin/ line 4755.

Those were already set. It isn’t the monitors don’t monitor. I want to see the newly added monitors in my dashboard ‘server status’ section.

That you can’t do. I’m pretty sure they’re hardcoded as whatever Virtualmin wants to show you, which is maybe a misfeature.

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They appear in System monitors

from the above screen shot you can see I have set the monitors to match server status + a few more services, then in normal use I hide the server status accordion and just use system monitors. See
System Monitors vs Servers Status for some observatations/differences between both


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