Do changelog search then hmm

Helloo Looking for the search in forum and documentation on changelog.
Doesn’t give a good result.
Confusing for me .:wink:

Some links in the presented topics are even dead. Ok old but was the first result this Changelogs for new releases - General Discussion - Virtualmin Community
there the link
Page not found – Virtualmin

here you can find info but there the order is not on version but latest posts.
Latest News topics - Virtualmin Community

Looking for the changelogs:
Usermin New version 1.832-1

|webmin|A web-based administration interface for Unix systems.|New version 1.982-1|

Usermin changelog: Webmin

Webmin changelog: Webmin

Virtualmin changelog: Webmin

These are the same links they’ve been forever, like decades in the case of Webmin. The full commit history is also available on our github (Webmin and Usermin are at webmin (Webmin) · GitHub and Virtualmin is at Virtualmin · GitHub ), if you want to dig into details. Obviously Virtualmin Pro commit history isn’t public, but major changes do get mentioned in the change log.

When I update a Webmin or Usermin package in our repos, I do tend to post a brief changelog in the post, but the forum post is never the authoritative source for change logs…the forum post is an announcement to let people know there is a new version. And, Usermin 1.832 is not in the Virtualmin repos, so there is definitely no announcement about it, or change log for it, in the Virtualmin forum.

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Yes thanks.

I hope you understand when searching for at in forum or documentation the search results are confusing.
Newer users … :wink:

So this topic in forum now helps them find those haha. :wink:

OYEA and thanks for those:

  • Added support for HTTP2 in the Apache module.
  • Added an optional feature to re-format the Apache configuration file.
  • Added support for extracting archive files and directory uploads in the File Manager.

You dug up a pretty old post (2008)…that’s at least two forum migrations ago, maybe three. I made sure links from the previous Drupal forum (which existed for several years) all continue to work…but, going back multiple forums was a bridge too far. Also worth noting that the actual posts are all here, including the one you couldn’t follow the link to (though why you’d want a changelog for a 13 year old version of anything, I dunno). I’ve always migrated all posts through every forum change…the data is all here. :wink:

It’s also possible to find the original post (not migrated into discourse) by replacing www with archive in the URL, if you find a link (those links will all have node in the URL) but not the title. But, if you search the exact title you should always be able to find it here, too.

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Was only to show example if you used forum search for it, searching now they will find this topic to with the links .

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