Disk quota not resetting in Webmin and Virtualmin

I have a virtual server that exceeded its storage quota (it was set to 2GB). I have upped this to 4GB soft and 4GB hard in the Webmin disk quotas area, then rebooted the server. I have done this a few times now.

Webmin > System > Disk quotas shows it has 4GB of disk quota now and it only uses 2GB.

Unfortunately, I can’t install anything (such as PHPMyAdmin) because both Virtualmin AND the Webmin dashboard report the virtual server as still having a 2GB limit. It’s Linux XFS filesystem if that changes anything.

Is there anything I need to do to reset this that I haven’t tried? I am admin on the server and have SSH access.

OS type and version Alma Linux 8.8
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.9

do not adjust quotas using Webmin – use Virtualmin for that, on that specific Virtual Server

Thanks Verne. What is the point of having Webmin > Disk Quotas > Edit user quotas then?

Just in case you don’t have virtualmin installed and you use webmin for user management

Leave webmin alone 99% of the time, do everything in Virtualmin. Virtualmin install script enables quota’s for you, just adjust quota’s in your plans.

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