Corrupt table causing problems

Hi. I have an issue with a Wordpress site. It has a corrupt table. I tried a repair using Wordpress but:

WordPress will attempt to repair this table…
Failed to repair the domainuser_options table. Error: Can’t create new tempfile: ‘./domainuser_wordpress/xxx_options.TMD’

There is storage space on the account. I’m using MariaDB Server, and if I go into that on Webmin, I get this:

SQL show index from xxx_commentmeta failed : Table ‘./domainuser_wordpress/xxx_commentmeta’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

This stops anything else from loading on that page.

I have SSH access but running this is similar to the Wordpress fix:

myisamchk -o /var/lib/mysql/domainuser_wordpress/xxx_options
recovering (with keycache) MyISAM-table ‘/var/lib/mysql/domainuser_wordpress/xxx_options’
Data records: 11918
myisamchk: error: Can’t create new tempfile: ‘/var/lib/mysql/domainuser_wordpress/xxx_options.TMD’

I have a backup that’s about 2 months old. I’d be happy to install PHPMyAdmin on Webmin as I have more experience with that, but I see that’s not supported as an install script any more. Is this the way forward or can you give me advice on how best to repair those corrupt table(s)?

Thanks in advance!

OS type and version Alma Linux 8.8
Webmin version 7.9

It still is. Just switch from the Webmin tab to the Virtualmin tab, click on Install Scripts and PHPMyAdmin should be there in the list.

Unless the OP is a domain owner and not a system admin, as the system admin can remove scripts to be installed by a domain owner

lol if that is the case, then the OP can ask the sys admin haha

Virtualmin and Webmin both have a DB/sql panel to look at and manage the databases — not as fancy as PHPMyAdmin but for me does everything I need :grinning:

of course your mileage may vary

what about tackling that “can’t create new temp file” — maybe your db can be repaired in place ?

Thanks for the replies

It was, thank you. Not sure why Webmin has it as unavailable. I am the server admin (this is my server with my sites on it) and I couldn’t install it. However it was available in Virtualmin.
Unfortunately it couldn’t be installed because of a disk quota issue that I have.

Unfortunately, when I try to get into MariaDB Server, it just gives me the error that a table ‘is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed’. I can’t look at the database to repair it, hence why I thought I’d install PHPMyAdmin, unless there is another way to see the database?

I am the system admin btw :slight_smile:

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