Debian 12 Server Shuts Off Cloudmin

OS type and version Debian 12 Bookworm REQUIRED
Webmin version 9.7Pro REQUIRED
Cloudmin version Pro REQUIRED
I disabled all the stuff in the power menu on the GUI yet the server shuts down Ryzen 5700G and A520M motherboard latest Bios.

What I tried to replace the power supply as the fan was excessively loud so it was like why not.

Then I investigated temps.

Upgraded to the latest BIOS.

Odd I was just running Harvester HCI on here with no issues of the sort.

I turned off all power suspend sleep functions from the GUI in the power menu.
Errr What gives!

So be sure to run

sudo systemctl mask

If not your server will go to sleep and you’ll lose connection. Learned the hard way after swapping out a power supply first but the fan was loud on that old supply anyways.

I wonder why this couldn’t be done in the cloudmin setup initially.

I can’t fathom a type of server you’d want to put to sleep or shut off due to inactivity but even if there is it would be a rare edge use case where they could unmask it just as easy

Did you do a minimal install? That behavior sounds like GUI crap.

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Yep GUI have it for testing gotta get to use and know the interface first GUI is a tool not much different than using webmin web GUI. I’m not going to sit here and remember the link to the cloudmin pro installation and the key its just easier along with a few other things I’ll do while testing it not quite ready for production yet I have to feel comfortable that it will fit the bill from a use standpoint and a security standpoint once configured. Then I might use it for production.

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