Debian 11 is officially released

happy upgrade folks :slight_smile:


Nice, but never touch a running system.

Debian 11 is officially released


We will run testes and hopefully add support for it with upcoming Virtualmin 7.


That is lovely to hear. :slight_smile:

Is there any news when Virtualmin 7 will be released , like maybe in Septembre or near end of the year ?

Atm thinking about reinstalling VPS so if it’s gonna be a while, just gonna go with Ubuntu instead of Debian 11.

… considering there is a lot tests to make, I presume at least two more weeks or speaking realistically the end of September.

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Thank you very much for quick reply and info !

@Ilia guys take your time I think everyone would be happy with end of December or something like that as Xmas gift :wink:

It doesn’t look like the changes from 10 are too radical. If you are upgrading a remote server (eventually) it might be worth reading through some of the tips, such as this one:

Good morning guys,
First of all, my sincere congratulations to the whole team with this beautiful project.

I hope that the version of Virtualmin 7 comes out soon. I have a project for Debian 11 that will only work on Debian 11 and I already wanted to do that with Virtualmin.

Let’s wait.

Hug to everyone.

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