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I want to add a package to the install scripts on my server and whilst I could probably work out how to do it after a lot of trial and error, I wondered if anyone could write it for me?

I’d recommend you name the application you want to add, as that potentially makes a big difference in the size and scope of the job. Some are very easy, some are very, very, difficult (or impossible to do safely).

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When I have found it I will let you know.

I am looking for a Wix like site builder that is installed per server, not as a SAAS. Whilst I know that this is seemed a little old fashioned on here, there is a demand for this, especially with small businesses/startups (who do not want to use WP, Joomla etc).

I have a Virtualmin server in which Microweber is installed with every account / virtual server which is created. The owner of that virtual server has a drag and drop web design tool with which a website can be created. No WordPress, Joomla etc.

Take a look at Microweber and if it meets your requirements, I would charge a reasonable fee to set it up for automatic deployment on your Virtualmin system.

Wow, that’s expensive. Microweber Website Builder

It’s open source, Joe. See

The dotcom site offers a hosted service. We Virtualmin users can host it ourselves so don’t need to pay Microweber anything for the hosting.

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Microweber - Definitely an option.

Looks like the OS self hosted does have limitations, though - templates, layouts etc

Well, Microweber offers a drag and drop web design software free of charge. Naturally they will charge for the extras - the templates and modules - how else can they make money?

I can tell you that Microweber is a mature software and a novice user, such as a teacher, could make a fairly good website with it. And if a user knows a bit of html and bootstrap then the sky is the limit.

@Joe, Microweber has Plesk as one of its partners and I do know that automating the deployment of Microweber every time a new virtual server is created is possible and not at all difficult. I therefore propose the following:

Every time I see such software, I cringe. Why do people think it is the right thing to use? Lots of businesses already built a monopoly in different areas. You will NEVER be successful if you build your website with such tools. Website is one of the most if not the most important branding for your business. How can your business be trusted if your site is built with complete garbage (on the code level)? I can even easily identify websites without looking at their robits.txt if they were built with some kind of tool (including WordPress). It is visible as day.

@paul.kelly1 Hire a professional programmer if you are serious about your business. If you don’t want to become a known brand, that’s fine, use whatever you want. But if you want to achieve higher than most, just aim bigger…

I could work on your project but I have other websites to develop and won’t be available for months.

The fact is that WordPress has more than 50% of the market share for CMS and web design software. All the rest are each below 10%.

It is lopsided but if someone is able to identify a business opportunity in a niche, and if there are features in Virtualmin that can let him pursue that opportunity then it is all right to post a job in the community forum, I suppose.

You’re right.

No self respecting business person would ever use something like this.

Didnt stop Wix creating a $1.5bn business serving people who do.

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Wix failed to replace developers as they failed at many other things. Including allowing people to create phishing or in other words social engineering content and scamming less knowledgeable people on the Internet.

By the way, it would probably take down your server if 50,000 users visited at the same time. May require even less.

You can create ANYTHING you want on the Internet. Even 2nd Instagram. But you won’t be able to do anything successful with tools like those mentioned above.

So, for someone who wants to offer a service for clients who knows nothing about web design and doesn’t want to employ a designer developer, what platform (not CMS) would you recommend?

Yes, I too would like to know that. And don’t say WordPress please. That market is saturated already.

Then why is not a good plan to adopt something like Microweber, which is open source, and develop it further as required to offer a service like Wix? Why is that more cringeworthy than developing the entire thing from the ground up - with all the time, energy, expenditure and uncertainty that it entails?

I think the global market for web services is huge and if a person with a good idea is able to offer a reliable service at the correct price point, there is money to be made. Maybe not billions but if expectations are modest then the business can sustain oneself and one’s family.

Virtualmin is exactly the kind of platform upon which such a service could be built and what we see here in the forums every day is proof of that.

Ideally, yes, but not necessary!

Marketing and access to clients is important, as well.

It’s called marketing.

What are you on about?

I am not sure what business you are in, but I know mine and my customers pretty well.

There is a need I want to address and it will not require any sort of investment that you predict.

And, btw, if I did want to go against Wix, it would take a lot more than you suggested!

This thread is going way off topic again.
@joe Clean up in aisle 3… :wink:


@joe is it illegal nowadays to look at the bigger picture? Then people complain on the forums why they are not successful as big corporations when they do 5% and expect 95% in results.