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Hi There,

So my plan is as follows:

                                                VM(Additional IP) 
Host Dedicated Machine (Has Main IP)  ------->
                                                VM (Additional IP)

Now I get to the part if I create a local bridge network using and then assign using that bridge interface.

However how do I add my additional ip to the VM? When I add it as a bridge to the Host Machine then it cannot be added to the VM as it says it already has been added.

I have been trying this for 3 days now. I am not very good at linux so a little help/guidance would be appreciated.

You should likely provide more info. Not all VM’s handle networking the same.

What VM host are you using XEN or KVM or LXC etc…

I want to say XEN is more bridge mode focused as to where KVM operates differently errr but I’m not sure 100% that’s going off of memory been at this a while myself 3days hehe that’s just a smoke and a pancake. I remember the first time I setup hehe I hadn’t used Linux other than for browsing or media centers and mythTV back in the days I had a Mandrake rig setup to learn on doing every little thing was like pulling teeth you had to build a lot of stuff and hope you could get help get it working. I had a good ole Candian dude I talked to on IRC that helped me out from time to time. Yeah those were the days when forums existed and people used them and folks connected and shared knowledge cause they could afford to pay their bills and share some of their down time. Those were the fricking days anyone who missed those days missed out on the internets true and full potential. Then along came all the internet police, internet platforms, social media, less privacy, more rules, copyright trolls, and lawsuit happy rent collectors. phpbb was live and well all over the place. There was forums for everything rather than twitter and facebook. Still haven’t picked up a facebook account everyone I tell that calls me “a smart man” for not doing so. Sorry for the memory lane trip. Just figured it’d be fun to share perspective. So I quit using Linux until about 3 odd years ago I noticed a lot has changed and things became more powerful and user friendly. What got me back on linux was actually Virtualmin oddly!

Anyways I’ll cut er off there and just say provide more info :wink:

Cloudmin will handle the allocation of the IP addresses to the guest VMs.

You need to provision the host under:

Host SystemsKVM Host Systems (in my case I use KVM)

and then you can set the IP addresses available under Network options

yes you have to create an IP pool

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Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

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