Cloudmin Installed on Debian Bookworm Review

OS type and version Debian Bookworm REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
Cloudmin version PRO REQUIRED

Loaded up the new server hardware with Bookworm/Cloudmin

I am in no way shape or form supported by endorsed by nor paid by virtualmin or any of its people nor companies at the time of writing this review. I have no personal or professional relationships with any of the people involved in its development. My knowledge and scope of hypervisors is based on some use and some reading for instance I’ve never used a lot of them like SmartOS and some of the other outliers I am not affiliated with any software company any developers and again am not paid through any level party this is entirely of my own doing.

Thus far it appears as if its working haven’t tested it in depth. Just a first glance opinion don’t take this as expert advice as there are some assumptions made with very limited knowledge. But as we all know those are important as well the first look and first feel you get from installing and using something those moments are hard to capture and remember but that type of feedback is useful for developers. Even if there are some quirks in the review its the initial feeling that often either drives people to or away from software.

The review will start below but I must say if you are new to this Give this hypervisor at least a couple of weeks and really put it through the motions it is NOT the most intuitive but with that said it is highly functional, highly configurable, the options I would say are likely second to none. Where it lacks simplicity it makes up in options.

The interface is similar to virtualmin webmin so forth so if your familiar with that it might be a reasonable time to upgrade and purchase cloudmin. However, remember this is not some GUI based theme that is super intuitive with pictures and buttons it is heavy on settings and configurations so the curve will be VERY DIFFICULT for someone coming on new to easily intuit everything be prepared to spend a LOT of time learning.

With that said you should you are managing resources that are critical. But if you want a highly configurable hypervisor you got one at a budge price here folks. Options are really only limited to your understanding mostly and available images.

There is a bit of a favor for rocky and ubuntu keeping that more up to grade than say Debian in the list of A supported systems in general it would appear Debian is kind of a A- system to garner support it is like 5th on the list to be supported in order of importance. You can tell this by the system images not containing Debian Bookworm Release Images in the repository. And just generally speaking something I’ve noticed there is a feeling of Debian being last on the list to support. Now this may be do to popularity of requests for support but I think it resides more on the personal preference side of the developers more so and what they are using because it takes time to spin up something different and get it going.

Now in the future it would be nice to see a graphical tile based approach in the menu option just simply adding a QuickVM option in the list that takes the more graphical approach to spin up VM’s and manage them might not be such a bad idea but the webmin virtualmin interface kind of grows on you like the old windows 7 start menu it’s accessibility to everything from a menu without a bunch of bloat!

Anyway I have a little learning and a lot of testing to do for now. I would like to thank the developers for putting this all together I fairly sure it will be nothing less than exceptional once I get the hang of it.

PS would be nice to see a bookworm VM image for Debian :wink:

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