Cloudmin GPL 1 virtual machine?

OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
Cloudmin version REQUIRED

I’ve again been considering subscription to cloudmin but the GPL has a limit of 1 VM I mean in order to test it it would be reasonable to have something like 3 VM’s to get a better feel for it and how it works and uses resources etc… I know maybe it isn’t in the best interest of earnings to add more is how its being looked at but I beg to differ its the only reason I haven’t tested out the GPL version quite yet. Does cloud min have build in backups and snapshots etc… I guess I’m looking for something like harvester HCI based that will let me host public websites that’s reasonable this might or might not fit the bill I suppose.

Bahhh heck with it I want to support the project either way.

Good move! :slight_smile:

$7.50 p/m its no biggy

I kind of thought the same thing give it a shot

It does not. It has no VM limits.

It has a single host system limit of one. Completely different thing. Cloudmin Pro can have as many host systems as you like (up to the VM limit). (A host system is a system that hosts VMs.)


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