Change remove to delete not with alt but shift

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Latest Digitalocean ubuntu 20.04
When i click left mouse in file manager on file i have option to move to trash.
I want to delete it.
If i hold alt on kubuntu then i have option to delete, BUT i cant click it because on Kubuntu alt means moving window.


This is an interesting suggestion. Does holding Alt key and making a click (without drag) doesn’t work the expected way though? Is this default KDE keybinding or is it something that you’ve setup to use?

Either way you could completely disable Move to to Trash being a default on File Manager ⇾ Preferences: General defaults page and changing Delete files safely by moving to the trash to No.

Yes, because its default thats why cant use same key combo to remove without trash can.

What about the right Alt key?

Then it makes filterin appear with symbol á once but 2nd time clicking right Alt it doesnt make it and menu dissapears on file.
English and Latvian keyboard layouts both do that.

Okay, you got it, so be it! I have abstracted hold modifier key to be optional among Alt/Ctrl. If you wish to give it a try, you could install latest development version of the theme (only if you have Webmin 1.990 installed). It would be possible to adjust it on Theme Configuration: Hotkeys page, using Hotkey hold modifier option.

Please let me know if that works the expected way for you?