Authentic Theme 19.85.1-19.91.2 release overview

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.85:

  • Add support for purging all users trash directories in File Manager #629/comment-1081220953
  • Add ability to choose on the fly if files must be overwritten in File Manager
  • Add support for additional English locales for better control over date formats #1587
  • Add significant improvements to dark palette
  • Add an option to change hold modifier key
  • Add improved security in File Manager
  • Add various enhancements to GPG encryption/decryption functionality in File Manager
  • Add ability to display out of quota message using toast notification
  • Fiх scrollbar visibility #1584/comment-1060766894
  • Fix help popover not being displayed if not inside of accordion
  • Fix display logic for backups virtual servers destination and format in Virtualmin
  • Fix opening correct link in a table cell with multiple links
  • Fix Usermin dependency check before installing a new update
  • Fix placeholder font size for textareas
  • Fix a bug preventing correctly opening file viewer on first call
  • Fix symlink naming on duplicates in File Manager
  • Fix to allow interruption of progressive calls for certain pages (i.e. Running Processes ⇾ Trace Process)
  • Fix to prevent changing URL on going back when progressive page is loading
  • Fiх MySQL/PostgreSQL bug preventing buttons from being used
  • Fiх copied markdown on the dashboard to be wrapped in accordion
  • Fix smoothness of toast notifications in File Manager
  • Fix login screen save session checkbox

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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What are the steps to update?

The best would be is to wait for upcoming Webmin 1.991, which @Jamie should release soon, and which will include the theme update.

Although, if you use Webmin 1.990, it’s also possible to update manually using theme configuration page. However, that would require disabling updates for Usermin (on the theme update page) at this time, as current version of Usermin 1.834 doesn’t support latest releases (19.84+) of the theme.

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Don’t. Just wait for the Webmin package update in our repos.


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