Change Email Password for each email account

How can i change the password for each email? And Emails which i send are not outgoing?

And also how can i make this so, the virtual machine are created, now the user has ssh, but i want that he only can view him folder! not other folders! or go out of his! of virtual machine

OS type and version Debian Linux 10 Linux 4.19.0-25-arm64 on aarch64
Webmin version 2.101
Virtualmin version 7.8.2

use jail-kit
Virtualmin → select domain/virtual server → Administration Options → Edit Owner Limits → section ‘Other restrictions’ → at the bottom 'Chroot jail domain Unix user?

however you must add everything the user needs into the jail, this is needed because you have effectively blocked access for that user to any operating system binaries.
I would research how to use jailkit before you even attempt to jail a user. you will need to the jk_cp command to copy what is required into the jail.
This is a lot of work for very little (if any) gain as a linux system has a good user privilege system built in.
for example ssh into your server as a domain owner and try to view the files in another domain owners files … you will get a permission denied error, they will not be able to any os files either as they don’t have privilege to do so. Yes they will be able to see the OS system files but they can not mess with anything.
Again if you do opt use jailkit research it and learn how to use it before you apply it to a production server

@n.webtec please make separate topics for different issues. (Forum Guidelines: Please read before posting!)

Since we’re talking about chroot jails, I’ll continue in that vein, and encourage you to open new topics for your other questions.

Another option for preventing users from seeing the rest of the filesystem is to force use of FTP and the File Manager (or Upload and Download module), which “chroots” the user without actually using chroot, which is where all the complexity comes from. You do this by not giving them an interactive shell.

That obviously limits users quite a bit…they can’t run any commands, and can only upload/delete/edit files. But, if you really want to lock things down, giving users a shell makes things complicated.

root@alma9-pro:~# virtualmin | grep -A 1 reset-pass
reset-pass           Resets the password for some or all users in some or
                     all virtual servers

Can i set for each email alias or user like, own passwords i mean

An alias doesn’t have a real user – no, while a user does – yes.

Also we cant set passwords for each email?

there is no such thing for a alias, its not a real account. Check the alias config in postfix

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