Cerbot not installing, socket conflict

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Webserver version Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4214 CPU @ 2.20GHz, 8 cores
Related packages SUGGESTED
![screenshot- 690x282](upload://xgfk9AB5srMPZkASFUxBzmEEm88.png)

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
| Webmin version | 2.111|
| Virtualmin version | 7.10.0 |
| Webserver version | Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4214 CPU @ 2.20GHz, 8 cores|
| Related packages | SUGGESTED |

anybody here

Yes. We’re here.

Your time is more valuable than ours and so you haven’t bothered to fill out the body of the message. The community is trying to divine how to best guess the solution to your problem based on just the info that you have provided in the title of the messege.

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Thank you for adding a screenshot. We now have five words in the title and a screenshot of an error message which appears to be unrelated to the topic under discussion - certbot.

Do keep adding more info as and when you get the time. The Virtualmin community is available 24x7 to be of assistance to you.


How an unrelated screenshot of php failing will help with the diagnosis of certbot falling escapes me, you need to add more detail on what you have done to move the configuration away from standard, as standard works and yours doesn’t. So is this thread about php failing to start or a certbot issue ?

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This fellow @danyaalshahid.sr is a repeat offender. His posts violate our community guidelines and we encourage this behaviour by responding to his messages in an attempt to help.

He should adhere to the following if he wishes to receive help from the Virtualmin community.


  • Tell us what you’ve already tried, and what happened (briefly!).
  • Tell us the actual error and include a few relevant lines from the applicable log (maillog or access log or error log, most likely).

Everyone else does it, and so should he.

You were the first to respond, without your response I would have not bothered replying

let me explain my the issue i am facing in detail

i have just made a radio live stream player and inserted it in the code of my website, the the stream URL protocol is HTTP, live stream player plays the stream on all mobile devices very well and on desktop only Firefox browser plays it, chrome and the opera are not playing the stream , when i made inspected the page and tried to find the error in the console i came to know that chrome is automatically converting the stream url’s HTTP request to https, that is why the stream on the desktop and laptop browsers is not playing, i then searched how to solve the issue and chatgpt told me to install the cerbot to forward the request of the HTTP also, and when i tried to install the cerbot php8.1 fpm failed to start

the response of the chatgpt about error (screenshot) is given below

It seems like there’s an issue with PHP 8.1 FPM because another FPM instance is already listening on the specified socket (/var/php-fpm/1689695178283997.sock). This conflict is causing the initialization of PHP FPM to fail.

Did you install php 8.1 using the docs.

Also what cammand are you running that you answered Y too, screenshot does not show.

i installed php 8.1 using the webmin terminal tool and the cammand’s screenshot is attached below

yeah but did you follow the docs I linked too.

I presume php 8.1 fpm was runnng fine before you ran the command.

no i did not follow the docs

You need to follow the docs, everyone else used that method and you doing it your way makes it hard to help with the issue.

so what should i do uninstall the php 8.1 and reinstall it following the docs?

Yeah I would, my package manager shows cerbot already installed.

I presume its needed for LetsEncrypt
Did you install virtualmin using the automatic method

Looking at your screenshot it is installed, maybe this is just a php 8.1 issue.

one more thing please i am uploading a screenshot that show the php versions running, i have 4 websites on hosted on this system please look at the screen scot and tell me if i uninstall the 8.1 will it affect any of my website

please confirm one more thing , i think that the website that have radio stream player installed must be using the 8.1 php, right?

Looks you have install using muliple-php method, do you have the dropdown in php options in the virtual server.


No idea, whats the name of the program, if its programed in php, it would need a php version thats compatible.

Maybe your trying to install php8.1 fpm service on top of a currently running php8.1 fpm service.

certbot is already installed (it’s installed when you install Virtualmin). It has nothing to do with your problem withphp-fpm.