Can't find increasing password length settings anymore

**Operating system: Debian
**OS version: 10

Hi there,

since now more than an hour I’m looking for the setting to increase the password length (for the Admin User) when I click on “Create Virtual Server”. It’s still on a new Server on the default of 12. Where is that menu where I can change it? I can’t find it anymore :smile:

Ok, found it, it’s in the Theme-Configuration :smile:

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This is indeed laughable! I will add this to my to do for a rework.

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Okay, this has been implemented in Authentic Theme 19.71-beta2. It will use Virtualmin or Users and Groups modules to get the password.

Previous UI options in theme configuration, which was discussed earlier, has been removed. Password complexity is now configurable on the server side in Virtualmin Configuration > Defaults for new domains.

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