Authentic Theme 19.70-73 releases overview


Authentic Theme 19.73 shipped with Webmin 1.973 has been released.

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.62:

  1. Fixed very unpleasant bug which could cause server overload by sending multiple extra queries for gathering server stats (now it’s literally clockwork – you may consider re-enabling real-time monitoring)

  2. File Manager side improvements and changes:

    2.1. Preview any file with ability to add to favorites; display extended file info

    2.2. Extended file search functionality – filter file size, type, user and group

    2.3. Delete files safely to trash (controlled with holding down Alt or key)

    2.4. Initial ACLs listing support

    2.5. File tree-view speed and security optimizations

    2.6. Improve cut/paste operation to actually move files (rather than copy and delete afterwards)

    2.7. Reworked configuration page, with sections and search functionality

  3. Theme side improvements and changes

    3.1. New ability to hide and reorder panels on dashboard

    3.2. New ability to use server side generated passwords #108121

    3.3. Better error handling, when SSL certificate changed for currently used domain #108760

    3.4. Theme configuration migrated to a separate page and was removed from Webmin ⇾ Webmin Configuration: Webmin Themes:

    Note: If you had Theme Configuration button previously disabled for navigation menu, then theme configuration page can be accessed, either using navigation menu search bar or an icon on the dashboard. Detailed instructions are here.

    3.5. Fix to correctly catch and print very first portion of progressive output sent by the server

This is it for now!

The full set of changes and fixes can be found on authentic-theme/ page.



That’s a lot of new goodies, thanks @Ilia !

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