Can't access Virtualmin via port 10000

Hi Guys,
I am using a Webmin panel in a VPS for my website. Today when I tried to log in to my Webmin panel. But I can’t access the login page through any browser. I usually log in using https://my-server-ip:10000. I https but the page is not showing up. I get this error This site can’t be reached

Thank you very much for your help!

Was struggling with this same thing a few months back just to realise that Cloudflare blocks port 10000.

If you are not using Cloudflare, then it could be your own firewall blocking port 10000 maybe.

Hi @shillongserver

Thanks for your reply, Yes I do use Cloudflare, should I get in touch with them or is there anything I can do to solve this?

You can request them to unblock port 10000 (and port 20000 for usermin). If enough people ask for it, maybe they’ll listen.

And you can solve this by serving the domain directly without proxying it via Cloudflare. What I do with most of my servers is create a subdomain called say, and directly point it to the Virtualmin server and not via Cloudflare’s proxy (Make sure the cloud icon in your Cloudflare DNS settings is grey and not orange) for that subdomain.

You should now be able to access virtualmin via without any problem.

N.B. If the main domain is used solely for accessing Virtualmin, you can just toggle the proxy cloud for the main domain instead without having to go through the whole subdomain ordeal that I described above and use to access the dashboard.

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I have never heard of Cloudflare blocking port 10000. I use Cloudflare exclusively and never once had it happen.

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Weird. The exact opposite happens for me. If a domain/subdomain is proxied via CloudFlare, I have never been able to access port 10000 or 20000 using that domain/subdomain.

Been using Cloudflare since 2012 over the course of hundreds of sites and never, ever had it happen. Until now, I’d never even heard of it ever happening.

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