Cannot login email in outlook

OS type and version 22.04
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1
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I am trying to connect my email account through outlook I get this error every time.even I entered correct email id and password


Always check your mail logs. I had a issue once where I got blocked by Fail2ban as well.


@Ilia @Joe

Please tell me

Where can I find mail logs?

To see if your on the fail2ban list

no system logs are there.

@Ilia @Joe

There? Please help me with this.

You aren’t providing any information that people can use to help you, even after being asked. I can’t do anything without relevant log entries.

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Hi Joe/Sir.

I cant see any system log in webmin. Please check my screenshot. One more thing. I can receive emails but can’t send emails

Please check this screenshot.

Hi @Joe

I can see the system log in un-used modules.

I cannt find maillog file in /var/log

ok, how did you install Virtualmin? Manually?
Your Virtualmin doesn’t seem to be configured correctly.


logs are under System, not servers.

Please check in this screenshot

Maybe your user login don’t have enough permission to see logs. Can you login as root?

yes i do login as root. this is a beta script of 22.04.