Basic Reverse Proxy?

Is this supported in Virtualmin? The scenario is this:

I have an outsourced service that I currently point a cname to so it’s accessed under my domain. However, if I access it via SSL, there is a certificate name-mismatch. So I’d like to setup a reverse proxy to solve this issue. Is this doable under virtualmin, or should I just set it up manually on another server?


You should be able to configure that by going into Server Configuration -> Proxy Paths.

Will that do what you’re after?


Not sure. I suppose I could try it but that would require effort! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do that shortly and let you know.

Just in case you could not find that feature. It is only in Virtualmin Pro.

Ok so it works for http but not https. I wasn’t sure if it didn’t want to do http -> https proxying, so I enabled SSL website for the virtual server (which generated a self-signed certificate) and I still get the same error. Putting in http://URL works fine, but putting in HTTPS URL gives me the error ‘Failed to save proxy path: Invalid destination URL’. I’m not sure if it’s a validation error or if whatever proxy method it’s using under the hood doesn’t support what I’m trying to do. I’ll look at the actual directives it is using but if anyone can share any insight it would greatly appreciated. I’m not lazy, just pressed for time

Ok, so there are actually two different proxy sections under server configuration, ‘Edit Proxy Website’ and ‘Proxy Paths’. ‘Proxy Paths’ seems to invoke mod_proxy_balancer, which is actually something I would like to do in the future, but still can’t get it to do SSL. However ‘Edit Proxy Website’ is very straightforward and is working as one would expect so that’s good enough for now.