Reverse proxying 80/443 to different machine in local network

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 7.0-4 Pro

So hopefully i don’t triple post, but I’m wondering how can i make webmin handle reverse proxying towards a different machine within the network which could handle a different service.

Let’s say i have a custom application which i want to be public facing via 80/443 but can’t run on the same host as webmin, is it possible to tell webmin to reverse proxy to another local IP?

It’s definitely possible with both Apache and NGINX for web stuff, you can add to the configs just as you might for a standalone install. Are you asking for a GUI way to do it within Virtualmin? If so, check the Virtualmin > Services > Configure Website (or Configure SSL Website) section, then the Proxying page. Some nice GUI-assisted features may be restricted to Pro.

However for more control you can always just hack the configs directly; if so use the Edit Directives page (remember to apply your changes using the reload button in top-right corner on the Configure page).

Cue the usual warnings about taking care over the scope of any reverse proxy and considering which clients you actually wish to serve, etc.

Some starter references include:

I’m sure us lot here can suggest some good example code snippets if you’re not sure how to configure a reverse proxy manually through the Virtualmin web pages. There’s also quite a few useful examples to get you started on serverfault and superuser if you want to DIY something.

@sirmiketr do your redirect in proxy tab in virtualmin as usual… ip address of the server you need it to… if on local lan network, no ssl need it…

then you edit apache config files to tell proxy to pass everything except ssl - if you using lets encrypt, just tell apache to not pass acme folder and once done restart apache and you would be done… If you need help with this I can help you via zoom or teamviewer call so you can ask me as many questions as you need regards this. For small fee I can even produce for your video or text or both documentation how to for next time in future. Just DM me for private conversation if my instructions was not clear or bad for you. I am always here. Also I would like to mention that virtualmin staff is here to help as well… perhaps you can consult with them.

One peace of advice - if you follow links on net, just test it in virtual environment first always so no damage to production server is made…unless you have WORKING backup (from last night) of course.

Thank you.

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