Authentic is Webmin/Usermin theme based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome that you just longed to get.

Dear guys, hi!

I just released new theme for Webmin/Usermin (Virtualmin will be supported later) based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

Please try it out and leave comments:

Dear guys just a note saying that I have just updated Authentic to support highlight config files and show line numbers, when editing manually and fixed bugs that didn’t let menu use history button.

That looks great! I haven’t had a chance to poke at it yet, but it looks really promising (I’m in the midst of a Bootstrap theme for Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin, as well). Is yours acting as a single-page application, or is it loading everything on every page view? (And, are you keeping the framed layout? That was the biggest source of trouble for me, so far; making sure links continue to work when the path never changes from / )

Joe, thanks!! :slight_smile: I saw the repo on GitHub and even tried that theme but the left menu kept on just reloading. (probably because I didn’t have Virtualmin installed). Overall I also liked it.

I tried my theme later with left parts of Virtualmin and it also work fine. I will build left menu when I have time and the theme will also work with Virtualmin.

My theme works using one single iframe (page) and the rest is just regular stuff. Yes, URL is not changed but everything else is. Using window and window.parent leads you where you need. Then, I just at first caught headln2l part and then extend it later to overcome modules inconsistency. You can easily find it in default.js, just search for inconsistency and you should find that long-long tierney operator expression. So far I noticed 3 different scenarios that are used by modules (based on modules I use in Webmin). All working fine, including the history button. :slight_smile:

Joe, hi again!

Listen, I’m just a beginner in Perl and it takes a lot of time to do baby stuff. I have installed virtual-server module (Virtualmin), played with left.cgi (from you theme) and extracted what is needed for VM cats/links to be built, then added it to my left menu (index.cgi), changed target to page in all and there you go… ALL Virtualmin stuff is just as great looking as it gets.

If you interested please play with left menu that is in index.cgi. Just crete a new index-virtualserver.cgi and throw away webmin/usermin menu (those nested foreach part) and properly replace it with Virtualmin part (just like it’s done in left.cgi of your theme).

Later, I will do the checking with &foreign_available(“virtual-server”); and if it exists, on top there I will do the switch for Webmin/Virtualmin.

If it was PHP I would do it in an hour. At the moment, it takes forever.

See in attachments how the right panel of Virtualmin looks like.

Best regards,

But I’m sorry if you don’t have time, I will do it myself and will keep you posted. :wink:

Just found a new one single line of code instead of that crazy tierney operator expression. It will work for all three - Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin.

Will release Virtualmin support soon. Got through Perl introduction…

Dear Joe, hi!

I have just added Virtualmin support, please take a look and tell me please what do you think? :wink:


I stickied your post, so that more people will see it. You’ve done very nice work!

Haha! That’s looking amazing, Ilia! I’m gonna download it and play with it tonight. If you’d like a developer license for Virtualmin Professional and Cloudmin Professional, so you can see the additional menus and such in those (I don’t believe they will need any code changes, though), let me know, and we’ll get them issued.

You’re working so much faster than I am on this problem, I’m gonna have to work hard on my theme to catch up!

And, sorry for the slow reply. Been a busy week with the bash exploit, and moving stuff to a new server.

If you have further Perl or Webmin API questions, I’ll be happy to try to answer (and if I don’t know, I can get Jamie over into this thread quick-like).

Just tried it out. This is really great work! I’m sending a donation your way via your PayPal. We’d love to see you keep working on this.

Also, I’ve got a few suggestions, for things I’d figured out how to make look nice in a Bootstrappy kinda way that also work with the responsive design (like icon-based buttons on the Webmin Configuration page, for example, which looks a little weird in your theme with just a row of links). I’ll spend some time looking over the code and send you a diff so you can try it out. Whether you choose to go that route, or do something else with that kind of icon table index page, is up to you, of course. But, do feel free to use any code from any of the themes I’ve worked on, in any way you like.

Also, really cool work on the buttons; I like that you have various colors of buttons in some locations (green for “start”, etc.). That’s really classy looking, and something I’ve been planning to work on. We’re planning to add some hints to the ui-lib functions, so the CSS can be set appropriately for that, but your solution seems to be part of the way there without those hints, so that’s cool!

Joe, hi. At first, thanks for appreciating my work so much - greatest ever done for me! This means a world for me!! Andrey, thanks as well, for sticking my post.

Yes, I will keep working on the theme. In few days, I will release small fix for “tables sticking together” on listing virtual servers. I will not be able to dedicate that much time to the theme (as I developed it) but will find at least a whole day a week working-improving it. :slight_smile: I have my dream project to finish soon. I must work on it.

I really have Virtualmin Professional life-time license already. I will install it later and check if everything is alright there. Never seen Cloudmin and if you find anything is wrong with it, just please send me screenshots and I will try to fix it. (Or issue developer version for me, so I could play with it myself but only if necessary (is something doesn’t work)).

About the buttons, - sure when you have time send me a diff and I will take a look at it. If I got you right, having icons there is a hard thing to do. At first, because icons have to reflect meaning of correspondent link, it’s very hard to do. Second icons have to be in good quality. Third someone has to draw them and licenses must work together. And even fourth - they must be implemented same way in each module, which multiplies the problem more. This is why I just removed it - to look more slick, clean and professional. (it’s a server panel in the end.)

In the future, I will fix all small display-bugs. Add shortcut, like CTRL+S for instant search-through-modules. And some other things which I will post on my GitHub repo.

Thank you for all of your kindness!

Best regards,

P.S. Chromium/Chrome - is most powerful browser, I could do much more, if people used it all-over. Firefox - is incredibly slow and not that powerful (but very good as well). If you didn’t try the theme in Chromium, please do so, it will have more interesting look.

My plan for icons is to use our existing icon set, but to switch to using SVG versions, so they are scalable and can be responsive. I’m still figuring out how to make that conversion happen in some sort of automated fashion (or at least to enable future icon conversions to be automated, since there are still so many icons in Webmin).

In the short term, in my Bootstrap theme, I’m using the old icons in PNG form. Which is still responsive (the icon tables narrow down to one or two columns on phones and small screens, while acting like they currently do on big screens), but the icons themselves do not scale (which will be a problem in time as they’ll progressively seem smaller and smaller as displays get higher and higher res).

This is what it looks like currently: (as mentioned above, those five columns are responsive, rather than determined by the Perl code building the table using the cols variable)

I actually do like the idea of getting rid of icons in a lot of places, as it’s overkill in Webmin currently (which is why so much is in the left-hand menu, now…Webmin used to be crazy with icons). But, it still holds some appeal on a page like the Apache configuration page and the Webmin Configuration page. It can be useful to have multiple visual cues to help people find the right thing to click and to make it more memorable after repeated uses. On a page with a lot of options, appropriate icons can make it easier to develop stronger recognition and quicker location of the one you want to click.

That said, sometimes icons are just confusing and don’t provide additional information…poorly chosen icons, or icons in a situation where all options are identical, is contra-indicated and makes the UI harder to use. And Webmin has some places where that’s how they are used (though far fewer than in the past).

Joe, hi!

Sorry not answering right away. I was working on the new update. Just rolled it out.

About the icons - I love the way your screenshot looks. The icons suite just right! :slight_smile: It’s only 10 of them though…

Yes, having SVG would be great. And it’s not a problem to, replace old gifs with new svgs, by manipulating DOM. I just have a hard time imaging, what other icons would look like and what is going to happen, when it’s 23+ icons, like in Postfix module? :))

Having icons is cool in one way but making other things, like make everything work and look well on mobile devices, should be a priority, in my opinion. I don’t know, how I could add selectively icons to the modules and how to tie them with some (most) particular links and its meaning.

We'll see. Just please test my latest update.

Version 3.0.0 (Oct 5, 2014)

  • Added popover tooltip for old to process help.cgi

  • Added theme information version (installed/update notice) in System Information (works by just comparing VERSION.txt files, nothing more)

  • Fixed error in default.js script, throwing NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE in Firefox and other Gecko browsers

  • Fixed all problems with selecting and filtering files/user/groups in *_chooser.cgi

  • Fixed loaders being shown every time when waiting for server reply

  • Fixed listing of virtual-servers in Virtualmin

  • Fixed checkboxes margins in Virtualmin

  • Fixed table vertical-align: top for selecting hours

  • Fixed dozens of small bugs

Hi Illa, great job, the theme looks really promising.
However, I am having issues with Virtualmin. First of all when I log in it takes me to Webmin instead of Virtualmin, then on the Virtualmin side I only have “Backup and Restore” showing up in the menu, and when I click on a domain to edit it it loads forever and nothing happens :frowning:
So had to revert to Virtualmin Framed theme…
Is there anything I need to configure to make it work properly?

Hello, Hal9000! :wink:

  1. Alright, by the next release I will try to make the theme automatically load Virtualmin in case user/server has Virtualmin module installed.

  2. Please be kind telling me exactly what you click or where you go so I could reproduce an error and fix it. Besides, what do you mean by “on the Virtualmin side I only have “Backup and Restore” showing up in the menu” You don’t have other menues showing? Please add a screenshot then and add it as an issue to


  1. Remember, you can dismiss a loader prematurely by clicking on it two times, using your RIGHT click mouse.

  2. Make sure you clear you cache in your browser - completely for Files, images after each theme upgrade. Cookies, passwords and other can/should be left untouched.

  3. What browser/OS are you using?

Confirm adding the feature to automatically redirect to Virtualmin. After Hal9000 elaborates on the issue, I will release an update.

Hi Ilia, thanks, I just opened the issues on github

Update to 4.1.2.

  • Added an option, upon logging in, automatically redirect to Virtualmin module, in case it’s installed