Apache SSL website enabled missing on test machine Rocky 8

OS type and version Rocky 8
Webmin version 2.011
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages ssl
Rock8 Test the installed domain has SSL installed but not showing here.
![image 689x105](upload://oVboYrw10ZxaNpFoJnIJKQnGNHo.png)

Current VM on Centos 7

When you enable a website now, you always get SSL (TLS).

Sorry I didn’t finish before I posted.

see if this shows

So the Apache SSL webite enable/disable setting is no longer available?

From the changelog:

  • Added support for enabling an SSL website automatically

I guess that could have been more clear…but, yes, since there is no reasonable situation where one would not want an https site, and we’re trying to simplify the UI (every checkbox/option/etc. is something somebody can get wrong) that’s now always enabled.

Ok thanks, the Update must not of effected my current machine.

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