Virtualmin virtual-server module version 7.5 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 7.5 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module.

Changes since 7.4 (7.4 was not published to Virtualmin repos due to bugs):

  • Fixed the way PHP extensions are enabled when installing scripts
  • Cpanel migration fixes for parked domains
  • Bugfixes for setting the limit on the number of processes in PHP FPM mode
  • Added support for enabling an SSL website automatically
  • Added buttons to start and stop the SASLauthd server
  • Implemented support for backups to Azure Blob Storage

Changes from 7.3 to 7.4:

  • Added support for enabling a PHP log file and a UI for viewing it
  • Added a link to the new Webmin Terminal module for logging in as a domain owner
  • The aws and b2 command paths are now detected automatically
  • Numerous bugfixes in support for Cloud DNS providers

As always let us know about any issues, in a new topic here in the forum or issue in our github.



Please update PHP 8.2 for rhel9

We do not provide PHP packages. PHP packages come from your OS, or additional third party repositories you configure.

We have documentation for adding other PHP versions: Multiple PHP Versions – Virtualmin

Ok @Joe . Thanks

Why after update Virtualmin to 7.5 Webmin and authentic theme still without update?

Because the virtual-server module I released is not Webmin or Authentic Theme.

Please see reopened issue Incorrect redirect http to https code for Nginx with Virtualmin 7.3, carried to 7.5 · Issue #487 · virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl · GitHub

nginx is in the virtuamin-nginx/virtualmin-nginx-ssl modules, not virtual-server.

Thanks for clarifying. I note you do say in the title ‘Virtualmin virtual-server module’.

However the dashboard says ‘Virtualmin version 7.5’, which is confusing. It looks like the particular virtualmin module you get with a particular virtualmin version does not include an up-to-date freeze of patches for all virtualmin modules, which is unexpected.

Great work from you and your team.

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All Virtualmin modules have their own version and are packaged independently.

Did the link for the terminal get pulled? I saw it and used it after the update but it’s completely gone for me now.

The terminal is not in Virtualmin virtual-server module. The terminal is in Webmin, which was updated early this morning.

Huh. Well that’d damned odd. I wish I’d taken a screen shot now!

you mean a screen shot like this ?

Yep that’s it, that was what I saw initially after the update. Disappeared not long after though.

I still have it 24 hours (ish) later … works for the domain owner also … great work

Terminal, when called from under virtual server is opened under that virtual server user.

If you open Terminal using navigation menu (small button at the bottom) or using Tools ⇾ Terminal while logged in as master administrator, it will be opened as root user then.

Thats neat. :ok_hand:

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Does the link disappear if you change the ssh port number? Because I haven’t seen it in both pro and gpl version.

I am sorry I don’t understand what you’re asking.

Although, Terminal module has nothing to do with SSH.