Virtualmin virtual-server module version 7.5 released

I don’t understand as well because I have never seen this Terminal Link everyone is talking about.
Thought maybe it was a link through the ssh server.

This is something new in Webmin 2.011.

Just showed up in VM in last update, so cool , I can run MC now :slight_smile:

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I have Webmin 2.011 with Virtualmin Pro 7.5 and still don’t this Terminal link you speak of.

As much as I like mc, you don’t really need it, as Virtualmin File Manager is superior.

Try clearing cache from the right side slider menu (cog icon at the bottom right of the screen).

I have cleared cache on both servers with latest Webmin version 2.011 and Authentic Theme 20.11.1:2

Even cleared cache all pc browsers with bitbleach :wink:

One server is Pro and the other GPL both with Ubuntu 22.04.1

Still no Terminal :frowning:

Edit to Add:
I have Webmin 2.011 and Authentic Theme 20.11.1:4 on a Almalinux 9.1 vps without Virtualmin and can confirm that the Terminal Link is there and working.

Created a new Topic in Webmin:

I do like to have MC in a shell environment. But I was just pointing out that GUI type apps now work.

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It doesn’t work when logged in as master administrator or server owner? If latter, then Terminal module has to be enabled first for users on the System Settings ⇾ Server Templates: Edit Server Template / Administrator's Webmin modules page.

The new Terminal facility works very well. Congratulations.

I note Alt+K brings up a terminal transparent overlay session that persists after clicking on X in the top right to close the overlay. Using Alt+K brings the persisted session overlay up again.

Is there any way to toggle the overlay off by just using keys instead of clicking on the X?

I hadn’t noticed that, but it’s brilliant! Thanks team.

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Yeah, Ctrl+Esc or Meta+Esc (i.e. WinKey+Esc on Windows or Command+Esc on Mac) should close it…

Thank you for your kind words! :blush:

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Can we have Terminal in Usermin?

@Jamie mentioned that his was looking into adding it.

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