Annual Renewal

Hi, One of our licenses is expiring in 2 days and I’ve just bought an annual renewal. The renewal is not yet reconised by the system?

When will this happen?

You should be all set now – thanks for using Virtualmin!


Once again one of our licenses are due to reneval, but will not change after purchase.

Please look into it. Thx.

I applied your license extension – thanks for renewing!

Now re-checking your Virtualmin license …
… license is OK! It is valid for 250 Virtualmin domains, and for use on 1 systems until 2013-06-12.

Notice - Your Virtualmin license will expire in 1 days.

Just bought a renewal.

Please renew it :slight_smile:

I applied your licence extension – thanks for renewing!

Another license renewed. Please apply :slight_smile:

All set – thanks for renewing!

Another license renewed. Please apply :slight_smile:

I applied your license extension. Thanks for renewing!

Please apply :slight_smile:

I applied your license, thanks for renewing!

Another license renewed. Please apply :slight_smile:

Okay, all set – thanks for renewing!

Just renewed also.

Please let me know if you need some more infos or confirm it’s ok.


PatTzZ, I don’t actually see an order under your account here. Did you perhaps purchase the renewal using a different account? If so, which account was that? Then we can go ahead and get that applied to your current license.


Hi Eric!

Paypal transaction 3687813220466660U. I just clicked the link on the email you sent me. I tried to find the renewal option from my account but i never found it.


Can you check it please.


Renewed. Apologies for the delay.

Thanks for renewing!

Paypal transaction 88H80633FC045315B