Alias domains is not working

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with Alias domains, followed the “guide” for creating alias:
Selected the virtual server > hit “create virtual server” > select "Alias of" > domain: > Description “something”.

And that’s where “documentation” ends.

I went to “Enabled Features”
Setup DNS Zone? Yes
Setup website for this domain? No

No because this is an alias domain, so I don’t get the “setup website for” what does it mean or what it does.
When I setup an alias domain will serve so I don’t setup any website, the website is already setup.

However, when I try to access it simply serves me some other website, which is not the parent website even.

OS: CentOS 8 and Virtualmin setup with Virtualmin installer.


Or is it that no one can explain this?

Lots of people here can explain this.

However the aggression with which you respond to people who have replied to your messages in the past may be a factor in the low level of interest that your requests for help and info now receive.

For example, see Issue setting DKIM DNS Record

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@carport, I can also interpret your answer as an aggression, when you come around a serious topic trying to joke asking if I was looking for a switch.

In the meanwhile I figured it all out, I was coming here to remove this thread but since you’ve come around I’m going to leave it, not for me, but for everyone to see the petty person you are, not only trying to joke with something serious but also for how little a person you are bringing that to this topic as well.

Hope you have learned something in the thread you mentioned in the meanwhile about having nginx in the frontend out-of-the-box. Don’t mistake me for whom ever you’re used to dealing with.

And “people” is only you btw. Get a band aid.

If you want respect, show some.

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