zone records and virtualmin

hello all -

this should be a very simple issue, but its got me stumped.

how does one create a “wildcard” zone record for a virtual-server? i hope wildcard is the proper name for it.

the old account had the domain set up like so:


  • {asterisk}

i tried an asterisk, and even an @ symbol (which virtualmin did not allow)

i have attached a screenshot of the old setup.

my problem is that the subdomains are not working. the main domain works fine. i dont want to go in and name all of the subdomains as there are too many. the old setup had some sort of custom wildcard arrangement.


Actually the way you described should work. It does just fine here. :slight_smile:

Using the command “Server Configuration / DNS Records / Create Record of Type: A - IPv4 Address” you can just enter a “*” in the Record Name field.

That will create a zone entry with hostname “*.domain.tld.” which works fine.

i guessed it correctly? they tell me even the blind squirrel will occasionally find an acorn.