zone file only references private LAN IP but domain resolves to public IP

Im really at a loss here. i cannot find any reference to my public IP address anywhere in BIND, yet my virtual server domain is resolving to the public IP address.

Is there somewhere other than the /var/named/ file that i can check to see where/how my public ip is being referenced ?

If you do a whois lookup on that particular domain – do the nameservers point to your server? If the nameservers point elsewhere, that could explain why the IP’s are a bit different than you’d expect.

You may also want to review a DNS report from for your domain, as it would point out anything unusual that it sees.


I Deleted the root zone, and removed all views, and everything now works

Deleted the root zone? That is generally not a good idea… Without it, your BIND will not be able to resolve any names it’s not authoritative for, except you use a forwarding server.