Zimbra as an email server?

Would it be possible to add Zimbra as email server for Virtualmin Pro? Maybe this is not even possible??? Just to start with the question" is it possible" and " what amount of work would be needed" for starters…

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To get Zimbra so that it integrates with Virtualmin as well as Postfix/Dovecot/Saslauthd/procmail, well, that’s a lot of work :slight_smile:

However, that’s not to say you can’t use Virtualmin and Zimbra on the same system – you just can’t use Virtualmin to manage Zimbra accounts.

To get them to co-exist on the same box, you can just disable the mail feature of Virtualmin.

Are you asking because you want to hire someone to help you with Zimbra and Virtualmin, or should I move this to a more appropriate forum? (This is the jobs forum, for folks looking to hire or offer services. Not a general help forum.) :wink:

Hello Joe,
well, I guess if it were a workable idea, yes, I would ask someone to help for pay. I can install zimbra and VMP on a machine… just getting the two to coincide with benefits… ie… same user created… ???

Just a thought… put the post wherever you like…

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Zimbra is a invasive program… eg; it acts like Cpanel and installs its own versions of everything so to get it to play with VM in any sense is not a good idea nor do I recommend it.

zimbra is a suite of programs that does a large amount of function and is meant as a standalone application. I use it at my church as a very good free alternative to Exchange.