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I have installed Zen Cart from the script and when I follow the zen cart setup everything goes fine until I am asked to enter the admin password. I enter the temporary password provided by zen cart it says that I have entered the wrong password. Any Ideas as to what I am doing wrong

In the scripts installed section, click on zencart and you see the Initial login

I am not sure where it is on that page

This from my wordpress install, should be the same for zen cart

as you can see my screen is different I am on version 1.5.7c

Its must be different to wordpress install then. I tried a test install but I get a error Failed to install script : Download of Zen Cart E-Commerce Shopping Cart - Browse Files at SourceForge.net failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

You could try using one of the following, or uninstall and reinstall and remember the credentials, I presume the ask for them?

Will this work if you are at the initial setup?? I have not completed the setup because it will not accept the password provided that then lets you set a new password.

Have you looked in phpmyadmin for a user?

While I’m not familiar with the installer that Virtualmin has for Zen Cart I know it is not usually recommended to install via a script. Instead download the latest version (v1.5.7d) from Zen Cart and install yourself.

The issue could be with the version of PHP you are running, have any errors been logged in the Zen Cart logs folder? v1.5.7 has a max of PHP v8.0, but for 8.0 it is best to install v1.5.7d.

Best to post your issue on the Zen Cart support forum

I feel really dumb I was using the wrong user name Thanks for all the help and time you have put in on my behalf you are great

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