Yet Another Apache update for CentOS 7

Howdy all,

I missed a couple of steps when rolling out the CentOS 7 apache update which led to a sort of odd quirk in the resulting installation package. If nothing had ever been added to the /var/www directory, some subdirectories of it may have been removed. This only happens on system that don’t have any user data in those directories, but in the cases where it hadn’t been changed and where Apache had configuration pointing to /var/www for some VirtualHost(s) DocumentRoot, Apache would fail to restart after the update. This shouldn’t affect most Virtualmin installations, as we don’t configure anything to point to /var/www, but we did have one report of it causing an Apache restart failure after update.

So…new package (version 2.4.6-67.el7.centos.7vm) fixes that by bringing that directory back into the package.

If you using other repos it does /var/www somewhere in options you cann set/point this.

( for having HTTP2 and newer openssl we use code-it repo for example)

But Ok there the updates are in that/from repos if set right.

Some other software default installs by manuals also running there and also if you changed your Box from other CP to Virtualmin. ( restored and so on)