Yahoo, SPF and Mailman

So Yahoo is now rejecting all emails that fail its Dmarc policy. This means that most mailing/distribution list message sent to Yahoo and those who use Yahoo’s policy are going to fail now. This includes mailman within Virtualmin.

Is there any workaround for this? It appears Mailman 2.1.16 addressed the issue. Is there a special procedure to update mailman in Virtualmin to this version?


Virtualmin is just using the Mailman version available to your distro.

Do you know if any distros have published new Mailman packages to address the issue?


Sorry not immediately sure how to check for that. I am running Centos 5 x64. I’ll try to find out but it would probably take you 15 seconds lol…

2.1.9 looks like the latest package for Centos 5… 2.1.16 does exist though but I guess I would have to build the package myself for that right?

So any thoughts on how to address this problem? Right now none of the subscribers to my lists with yahoo email addresses are getting emails from the list. Yahoo is rejecting them. Nuts…

Anyone? How can I get the latest version of Mailman on my system running Centos 5.5? There isn’t an RPM for it. :frowning:


It doesn’t look like distros have published an update to Mailman yet containing support for the features you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, that means the only way to do that is the non-supported route – either finding a Mailman RPM from a third party repository, or compiling it yourself.

I’d probably suggest starting by finding an existing RPM somewhere.

However, if at all possible, I’d recommend testing it on a test server first, since it’s not a supported Mailman version, and unusual things can happen in cases like that.


The only RPMs I have found with 2.1.6 or higher are

Arch Linux
Debian Sid
Debian Jessie
Fedora Rawhide
Fedora Core Development
openSUSE Factory
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Ubuntu 13.10

Which one would you try for Centos 5 ?

Update, a guy managed to build an RPM for Centos 5 for Mailman 2.1.16 from the Fedora 21 version lik eyou suggested which seems to address the issue.

Go here:

Still testing now and will get back with more info if needed.

Update. There’s an error message showing when starting the service but it does not seem to affect the functionality. Check with the author of the repo.

Update 2. The author of the 2.1.16 RPM I posted says the error messages do not affect the functionality. That being said, 2.1.16 is a little limited. Yes, you can fix the issue with SPF rejections but it also makes posts to a list hard to identify. If you need it try it out. You can always remove.