xfs_quota commands to add to virtualmin config

Hi there!

I just recently installed virtualmin on Centos 7 with an XFS filesystem and managed to get quotas working (wow what a pain).
Anyways - restoring (migrating sites) from an old Centos 6 server fails because the old setquota command doesn’t work with XFS.

I want to add xfa_quota as an external command in the virtualmin config section but I don’t know how to add the parameters - can I get any help with this?


Rick Mills

I highly recommend rebuilding the server and using ext4 instead of xfs. CentOS uses xfs by default only to support very large filesystems. Many things (including dump/restore format and disk quotas) are different between ext4 and xfs. Unless you need to use files bigger than 16 terabytes, use ext4 and not xfs.