XenLayer - Virtualmin Hosting and VPS

At XenLayer.com we take hosting seriously. With a wide range of solutions like Virtual/Reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, our philosophy is to offer the most up-to-date features and technology in our services, whilst providing the fullest extent of management and support. We make ourselves available as much as possible to help with any questions or problems our customers may have and try to resolve each problem completely within a reasonable amount of time.

Check out our full list of Virtual/VPS/Dedicated plans, add-ons and control panels at XenLayer.com

Your monthly contract with XenLayer includes full system management. We will:

  • Migrate your current websites
  • Install the services and scripts you need
  • Configure your system software
  • Help you out with whatever you need
  • Perform updates, patches and periodic checkups
  • Monitor your servers for resource usage and abnormal activity

The XenLayer International Network is connected via transit/transport provided by Highwinds/BandCon, Telia, XO Communications, Cogent Communications, Hurricane Electric, Zayo Bandwidth, Hibernia Atlantic, & private peering. We own our servers, love to help and have been in the paravirtualization game since 2008!

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