Xen "xl" with Cloudmin 9.0


I read the the news release from http://www.webmin.com/ for Cloudmin 9.0 statin that the “xl” toolstack is now supported.

updates the Xen support to handle the new xl API command
However I cannot get this to work. I keep getting "Could not fetch Xen instances : ERROR: A different toolstack (xl) have been selected!" and similar errors.

How do I activate “xl” support in Cloudmin 9.0 on Ubuntu 16.04?

Thank you,

That sounds like the host machine was upgraded from an xm version of Xen to an xl version (I’m pretty sure). I don’t have any Xen host systems, at the moment, so can’t look to see what changing that looks like, but I suspect it is in your host systems configuration page. You can get there in the Host Systems->Xen Host Systems menu. If this is a Cloudmin GPL system…I’m not sure where that configuration happens (as GPL doesn’t support multiple host systems or multiple virtualization types, so it probably has it under a different menu).

I’ll be doing some Cloudmin documentation updates this week, so will be setting up a GPL system for Xen, so I’ll be able to give more details then, if you aren’t able to find it.

How much longer will it take you to resolve this issue???

I’m not sure I know what issue…Cloudmin 9 has support for xl toolchain. I think OP just needed to change the configuration of Cloudmin to use the xl toolchain rather than the old one. Can you give specifics of what problems you’re having using xl with the latest Cloudmin release?