XEN-Cloud Platform support?

Do you have any plans for supporting XEN Cloud Platform - http://xen.org/products/cloudxen.html ?

We don’t really have any plans to support this at the moment. In fact, it looks like Xen Cloud could even be considered a competitor to Cloudmin, as it provides a web UI, API and usage tracking…

Unless it is an open-source variant of XenCenter, in which case we may support it soon…

I might be wrong, but to me it looks like a cloud-computing enhancement to XEN, but without the fancy GUI’s that CloudMin & the likes have to offer. So, it could be something to build on. But I can’t see what licensing they use either. The free downloads suggest that it could be GPL 3.0 or maybe even Apache 2.0 licence, but I can’t say for sure.


XCP is like an OSS XenServer (minus a few add-on bits like HA and WLB)

When you install XCP you get a CentOS 5.4 dom0 + xen (GPL) + toolstack (LGPL + linking exception). It’s like a pre-canned/ optimised Xen install with an upgraded toolstack (no xend) The sources are mix of SRPMS and hg repos.

The only caveat is the windows PV drivers: these are free binaries but not open-source.

XCP is intended to be a good “back-end”, suitable for cloud providers. It has lots of useful mechanism (e.g. historical performance monitoring; multi-host resource pools; heterogeneous storage through plugins; role-based access control etc) but it doesn’t have an end-user UI or any actual billing logic :slight_smile: (It does come with a developer-focused “web UI” which serves as a demo of how easy it is to use javascript to talk the XenAPI and as a kind of debug console to inspect the VM/Host/Pool/storage metadata).

If you decide to investigate further, feel free to join in on either xen-users@lists.xensource.com or xen-api@lists.xensource.com (the latter for dev)