WPS Hide Login plugin redirect 404

OS type Ubuntu 20.04 (kvm) proxmox
Virtualmin version latest version use LEMP

Good Day Masters! i have question how i can allowed the plug in to work on my wordpress website? I use “WPS Hide Login plugin” to hide my wordpress admin log in. Its installed and configured but if i click on link that i custom made just for admin its give me 404 i dont know how to allowed permission on it. I dont want to touch anything before its too late regarding my website security any advice is appreciated. im noob im using bestfriend google and copy paste so bear with me please and thank you.

This is more of a WordPress plugin issue rather than a Virtualmin issue. I would recommend posting this question in WordPress - StackExchange instead.

That plugin is entirely worthless. You’re better off just limiting the login attempts and having a long cooldown period between them.

Thank you for your time. I tried portainer that plugin works very well i tried standalone apache server it works too… Im thinking its the .htaccess wont allowed to be change but i dont know where to look.

How come its worthless? normally if i visit your site and type at the end of your website link (wp-admin) im on log in page of wordpress backend. As you suggested Then limit it to 2 failed attemp and lock out what if i want to log in coz i have notif that someone is trying to break-in i cant log in coz im using free version of fail2ban plugins that i cant whitelist my own local octets… just my personal cents i tried this virtualmin just for the security reason of my future customer coz im gonna dealing with payments if this platform please me im willing to pay dimes no matter what it cost me. you know i mean i try it for free if its reliable i will pay.

Because pretty much anybody can still find your login page. They’re well acquainted with that plugin and how it works, so anybody that has any real brains at all that wants to try to hack your site is still going to find your login page.

The best protection is and always has been to simply limit the amount of login attempts anybody can make and set a longer cool down period for the reset.

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